A Day Aboard the New York Water Taxi 😎🌆🚢



There is something serene about drifting along the perimeter of the city’s most fabulous locations aboard a sea vessel. Although there are many ways to see New York from the water, the star among them is the New York Water Taxi (NYWT).

The boats offer comfortable plush seating, top of the line audio and video systems, stocked bar facilities, three tiers of seating and convenient all-day access passes. Each ship is temperature controlled and handicap accessible. If you’re looking for a new perspective on classic monuments, the water taxi is the way to go!

The NYWT’s all-day access route sweeps along Manhattan, starting in Midtown, at Pier 83. The boat cruises downtown and makes three stops. One of the stops is at the Pier 11, known as the Wall St dock. If you want to stop somewhere in Manhattan, you’ll have plenty of options between Pier 83 and Pier 11. The final stop the vessel makes is in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Each dock allows you to exit as you want, right around plenty of things to see.

The entire trip is approximately 70 minutes long straight through, making it a smooth and quick alternative to the train. To plan your ideal water taxi experience, let’s investigate the things to see at each stop!

Midtown, 42nd Street 🏙🌞🚢


Not far from 42nd Street, this pier is walking distance from some key landmarks. You can visit the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Madame Tussauds, Macy’s and Herald Square, the Highline, Whitney Museum and the Chelsea Gallery District.

If you’re looking to do some shopping and take in the lights of Time Square, bring your walking sneakers and explore. Also available at Pier 83 is a booth to purchase a ticket to one of the circle line sightseeing cruises. This stop is ideal for catching your keepsake selfie in the heart of the city.

World Financial District Ferry Terminal, Vesey St. 🌆🚢🏢


The downtown pier is a prime spot to view the city from the sky. You can pay a visit to the World Observatory, a point for observation of the skyline from 102 stories high above. Also available are tickets to the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

There is a lot to take in and appreciate right in the area surrounding the stop. If you want a look at the water from land, take a walk through the Battery Park Esplanade. This stop offers a peaceful, satisfying glimpse at New York’s hustle and bustle.

Slip 6, Battery Park🌳🌇🚲


The Slip 6 stop, Battery Park is a jewel for public art chasers. Take in all the greenery available in the park with a good book or some photography. If you’re up for it, during your journey there see the highly publicized, “charging bull & fearless girl” statue.

This stop offers something calmer and slower paced than the rest, transporting riders to the serenity of nature. There is also a fantastic walk available along the water, giving you a front row seat to view boats passing by.

Pier 11, Wall St.🏙🚢🏛


Wall Street is just as famous a stop as any of the others along the water taxi route. You can stroll through the area on your own, grab a refreshing drink, and observe the skyscrapers. The stock exchange and Federal Hall are two specific locations you’ll want to venture to. The historic buildings are an architect's dream, featuring sculpted support beams and wide staircases, right near the New York Stock Exchange.

There are many essential buildings at this stop and plenty of companies that offer tours of them as well. If you’re into flight, pick a spot by benches and watch the helicopter’s returning and departing for tours. The helicopter pad is close enough to view the gallant landing and lift-offs. Sometimes, you can catch small plans making terrific water landings!

Dumbo, Pier 1🚢🌳🚲


Arguably the most scenic stop along the water taxi route, Pier 1 offers a unique view of the Brooklyn Bridge. You can get on the bridge and walk right into Manhattan if you’d like, or view it from the ground as it towers above. Vast stretches of green grass and cobblestone create a unique experience for visitors.

There are lots of things to do in the park like a skating rink, lounging areas with refreshments, and various sports like basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and soccer. The park is lush with greenery, spotted with small cafes and home to two of the most famous brick-oven pizza parlors.

Something everyone must see at this pier is the visually stunning carousel. Jane’s carousel is located right near the water’s edge, and tickets are available for rides. Brooklyn Bridge Park is worth the commute.

The NYWT is the perfect option for first-timers sightseeing or people that want to re-discover the magic of New York. The all-day access pass allows you to exit at any dock as you please. You can get on and off the ferry while it descends downtown, investigating the shops and landmarks nearby.

Despite the great destinations on the all-day access routes, there are even more options! If you’re looking for something later on in the day, the water taxi offers Statue of Liberty tours at night.

Make sure to visit their website for more information on those ticket options. If you’re looking to intercept one of New York’s many other ferries, there is great information on which stops the ferries take.

For tickets, you can visit a ticket booth at one of the docks that provide boarding or buy a ticket online. There are military discounts available for families and special tickets for children under the age of 3 at no cost. In rain or shine, there is plenty of space aboard their vessel waiting for you! 

Spend as long as you’d like on any of the stops and soak up the sights. For a more thrilling vibe, check out our top picks for boats you can grab a drink aboard.

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