Aside from being a generally unpleasant place due to constant delays and various unidentifiable grime, the subway can also be quite dangerous. 

No, we're not just talking about watching the gap and standing clear of the closing doors. We're talking about crime. 


Specifically, the amount of robberies that occur on New York City transit, which the New York Police Department is actively working to counteract. 

The NYPD has begun training their officers on how to specifically target and prevent subway theft, which has already seen substantial results over the past few weeks. 

One of the main techniques used by subway thieves is crowding. This isn't difficult to do in a subway car, or even on a platform, especially during the busier hours of the day.

These criminals often strike when passengers are stopped at turnstiles, seated near the doors of the subway car, or, obviously, when they spot a sleeping passenger. 

Captain Jonathan Bobin, commanding officer of the Transit Bureau Response Team and overseer of the NYPDs's training in subway robberies, advises passengers to always keep bags zipped and phones out of sight. 

But mostly, the NYPD is urging riders to stay alert and aware of their surroundings. 


It's rough out there, kids. But, luckily, it doesn't always have to be a battle.  

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[via NBC New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]