It's Official: The NYPD Will Spend More Than $700,000 to Buy Automatic Weapons

The NYPD will spend more than $700,000 on purchasing automatic rifles for police officers who are assigned to the Emergency Services Unit, the New York Daily News recently stated.  

Deputy Chief Edward Mullen, an NYPD spokesman, said this purchase indicates that cops will no longer have to share weapons, as each officer assigned to the special unit will now have their own rifle. 

This massive gun purchase also reflects the NYPD's increased focus on counterterrorism, especially in the wake of the Paris and San Bernardino attacks. 

The 450 Colt M4 Commandos will cost over $700,000 and are set to be purchased from Phoenix Distributors in Pennsylvania. 


“If you have to get everybody out there right away there should be enough guns for all the ESU members,” Mullen said. 

“The guns will be set to a cop’s preference... For a weapon to operate effectively, it has to be one operator, one weapon." 

What do you think of this move by the NYPD, New Yorkers? Is it the best move given the current terrorist climate or is fighting fire with fire sending the wrong message to our allies and enemies? 

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[via New York Daily News]