The Best of This Year's New York Independent Film Festival 🗽📽🎉

The 2018 New York City Independent Film Festival is right around the corner and you won’t want to miss it. Hilarity, tragedy, insanity -- why, it’ll be just like a trip to the current White House!

If the red carpet were orange, we suppose.

So, without further adieu, here is a roundup of some of the must-see offerings from this year’s fest!

Giving Up: This television pilot is about a couple of actors in NYC who give themselves a deadline to either “make it” or give up on their dreams.


All She Wrote: Aaron is an ex-fighter who has turned to music after developing permanent mental disabilities. He falls for Jana, a Bulgarian immigrant, whose brother convinces Aaron to get back in the ring with him.

Literally: This short sketch comedy video features two people who are “literally” fed up with existence and disparage the world around them. Their well-off lives serve as a foil for their biting conversations and social commentary.


Facebeater: This short documentary follows the behind-the-scenes process of what it’s like to be a real drag queen.

Love, Mommy: This short documentary tells the story of Kilzy Gonzalez, a 37 year-old woman convicted of attempting to sell heroin, as she fights to get her daughter back from the friend she entrusted her with while incarcerated.

Colorblind: All Types of Kinds is a band featuring members of diverse backgrounds who play rock, pop, folk, punk, hip-hop, blues, jazz, and country -- sometimes all at once. Colorblind is their latest music video off their EP “Love Songs (or songs for your ex)”. 


Back to Natural: A Documentary Film: Directed by NYC-based Clinical Psychologist Gillian Scott-Ward, this 69-minute documentary explores the relationships between hair, politics, and racial identity in black communities and beyond. It specifically speaks to the universal aspects of the black experience, as well as the “New” Natural Hair movement.

Longing: A wealthy businessman finds a letter from his dead father as he struggles to figure out what is missing from his life. Through the letter, a series of coincidences, and a random incident with a stranger, they both become illuminated to the source of their emptiness.


Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story follows four performers navigating the neo-burlesque scene in NYC. It hits on what it means to be an artist, entertainer, and woman in the toughest city on Earth.

Alt Space: Julian and Liv are a young couple living in NYC. Julian uses medication and virtual reality as a therapy device to escape his fears, but soon learns that Liv has been stealing his medication to fuel her gambling addiction. As the story develops, real and virtual worlds collide in this psychological thriller that explores the theme of having a dissolving sense of reality.

For more information on the New York City Independent Film Festival, and all things never boring head over to festival website

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