NYC's taxis have been driving through Struggle City for years, thanks to fierce competition from Uber and Lyft. 

We don't need to go at length into the sordid history, but between how much the entire world hates Uber surges, how much Uber drivers hate how no more surges means lower fares, and how everybody generally hates Mayor de Blasio's hatred of Uber, well, you get the idea. 

But like so many other shuttering iconic services in NYC, they've got tricks up their sleeve to help them survive.

Thanks to Bandwagon, you can locate and share a cab. And with Arro, you can hail the cab and get the rate right on your phone. But with their forces combined, they'll form... CAPTAIN PLANET!

Or more likely a cost-effective and green alternative intended to boost NYC Yellow Cabs into the ride-sharing business, something that's hopefully not for nothing. 

“Drivers will be rewarded not only by higher fares from longer rides, but with an additional base fare of $2.50, for making two stops on the same ride,” Bandwagon founder and CEO David Mahfouda told The Verge.


The Verge also reported that the two companies that are partnering through their apps to make your commute more eco-friendly as well as just plain friendly. So, looks like NYC's classic taxis are doing two things we love: gettin' with the times and goin' green.

It's important to note however, that this isn't their first tango with ride-sharing. You might remember back in 2002 city officials floated a plan that would have taxi drivers stop in specific zones to pickup passengers interested in sharing their rides. That plan was delayed until 2009. 


You might remember that. But nobody else does. 

We'll drop the deets when we find out what sorts of perks their cab-sharing can get you, but nowhere in any future reporting should you expect an app that cures cabbies of their generally sh*tty dispositions.

[via The Verge] 

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