Guess How Many TV Shows Were Shot in NYC Last Year

Multiple TV series have set up their production crews on the streets of New York City since the beginning of the TV era.

Various shows from The Honeymooners to Girls and Sex in the City to Master of None have claimed iconic NYC as their production set and story settings.

So it's not surprising that Mayor de Blasio has announced that a total of 56 TV series were shot in NYC in the 2016-2017, including 17 pilots.

This is the seventh year NYC topped that record, especially now that more networks want to set series' stories in NYC, TimeOut NY reported.

In an official announcement, the mayor said, “We are experiencing a new golden age of television. Production activity is spreading out to all five boroughs, and with it, more and more good-paying jobs for New Yorkers.”

What's wonderful is that channels, including FreeForm, HBO, Amazon and Prime, are bringing a diverse lineup of new shows for us to binge on, which means more opportunities to chill with a blanket and yummy popcorn.

On top of all this goodness, the filming adds nearly $9 billion to our local economy and provides over 130,000 full-time jobs. 


While many claim that all this filming is a hassle on their daily commutes, that's just a small blip compared to all of the relaxing we'll be doing when Aziz Ansari gifts us with the next seasons of Master of None.


[via TimeOutNY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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