Driver roll up the partition, please.

Who would have thought that Yonce's famous words would someday be obsolete? What is the world coming to? 

Apparently, there are some big changes coming for New York City taxis. 

In an effort to compete with the "friendliness" of services like Uber and Lyft, NYC's Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has announced plans to do away with those plastic partitions that separate you from the driver.

The partitions were originally installed for safety purposes in 1994, due to rising crime rates at the time. 

Now, these dividers will be replaced with a security camera. 

We're not so sure that this change will inspire friendliness amongst NYC cab drivers. This kind of revolution will likely require more than the removal of a piece of plastic.


But, it will definitely help cut down on the number of times you have to yell your address to your cabbie because they can't hear you. 

So not totally useless.

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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy NewYorkDailyNews]