It's no Waldorf Astoria, but hey.

Now tourists looking for a one of a kind lodging experience for their stay in New York - or even native New Yorkers who are just looking for a temporary change of scenery - can stay spend the night in a... taxi cab?

A former NYC cab driver has decked out the van, which operated from 2012 to just this year, with as many amenities as possible, and is now listed on AirBnB for $39/night. 

The cab's listing boasts that many a famous face sat in the backseat of said cab during its time of operation - though no specific names are mentioned.

The cab has been decked out with a mattress, bedding, and even a portable air conditioner.

It's currently parked on Vernon Boulevard, across the street from Murray Hill and just a few minutes away from the 7 train station. 

While the cab seems like a perfectly viable option for sleeping, it's definitely missing some things. Namely: a bathroom.

Those who were daring enough to spend a night in the cab wrote in their reviews on AirBnB that the cab is conveniently located near a coffee shop, which gave them the opportunity to freshen up and charge all of their electronics.


We don't know about you, but for $39/night - which actually hikes up to $49/night on weekends, we'd like to at least be able to brush our teeth in private.

Then again, when it comes to NYC, AirBnB can get pretty pricey.


However, this cab does offer fantastic views of the city - even if the views in all other directions are of some pretty sketchy industrial construction.

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[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy AirBnB]