Time Out magazine teamed up with Tapestry Research back in November, to conduct their inaugural City Index survey.

They surveyed 20,000 people in 18 cities around the world, asking them to rate their city based on dynamism, inspiration, food & drink, community, sociability, and affordability.

Obviously New York was part of this survey. So you're probably wondering, how did we do?! How did we rank ourselves?!

Let's just say we obviously ranked high on the "most fun cities to live in" list (#4 to be exact), coming out with top rankings for dynamism. We also go out more nights a month than any other city, which I mean, DUH. It's New York, there's too much to do to stay in!

Surprisingly, Chicago beat us out for #1 city for food & drink, and not that we don't love deep dish pizza, but we kind of find that hard to believe. Maybe do a re-count on that category, Time Out.

Chicago actually ranked #1 for affordability and sociability as well, and came in the top 5 for all six categories... look, we're not jealous... at least our baseball team is better! Oh wait...

Now here's a ranking you won't find hard to believe— New Yorkers rated themselves pretty poorly on the dating scene, with a measly 4% saying that it's easy to find love in the Big Apple right now, and only 3% saying they were happy with the dating scene in New York.

HMMMM... maybe more New Yorkers need to consult one of our monthly dating guides?!


No but seriously we get it, dating here kind of sucks. But if it didn't, what would stand up comedians have to talk about? Silver linings, you guys, silver linings.

Wanna know where we did rank the highest in the dating categories? A whopping 33% of New Yorkers said that they were cool with dating multiple people at the same time. More than any of the other 18 cities surveyed, including Parisians (who are having the most sex though, obvs).

But hey! There is nothing wrong with dating around and polyamory! We're cool with it, we're New Yorkers after all! We ranked #1 for people most likely to accept anyone or anything.

Just, um... Maybe make sure you are honest and openly communicating with your multiple partners? So that they don't unexpectedly see a text message on your phone one day and find out that they are, how you say, A SIDE PIECE?!



Look, this has never happened to me. I'm not speaking from personal experience, I'm just hypothesizing here. I'm not jaded, honestly. Do you, Brian. Do you. You lived too far from the L Train anyways.

Brian, if you're reading this, I'm willing to try again. It's hard out here for a single gal.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy FrerkHopf.com]