The MTA Is Now Testing Out Wi-Fi in NYC Subway Cars | spoiled NYC

The MTA wants you to have a serious connection with the subway.

New Yorkers are addicted to their phones. Go ahead, try to deny it. You send a million texts, ignore a thousand emails and stream Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt everyday. 

You simply cannot get away from that small piece of plastic.

Your phone dictates your life and you use it everywhere. Well, practically. Maybe your commute is a bit stream-less. But, the MTA wants to change that.

In a very quiet rumble, the MTA is testing out Wi-Fi services-- but only on the E line in four cars.

It's almost alarming how quietly the MTA is doing this test. They even rolled out new buses with charging capabilities and Wi-Fi recently.


Only MTA employees were told of this new Wi-Fi test and an agency spokesman said that the study was in the very early stages.

Maybe the reason why very little was said was because the test only goes on until June 7th. So, if you really want Wi-Fi in a subway car, you'd better hurry to find that E line and those four magical cars.


It seems that the excitement of possible Wi-Fi outweighs the reality that this test is only around for a few days, but it is what it is, right? 

The possibility of continuing the hottest show, sending a critical email and simply forgetting that you are packed like a stationary can of sardines will do wonders for any commuter in this city.

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[via NY1]