Because rent prices are just too damn high, we're going to follow along with this New York City vermin and create our own floating island made of edible material. 

An Instagram user, Curvily, posted a video of a smart little subway rat floating along stagnant, most likely plague-ridden, water between the subway tracks of Atlantic Avenue D. 

Floating atop a bagel, the little rat king feasts upon another that he drags along with him on his peaceful journey through the subway. 

We're mildly impressed with the fact that the rat is savvy enough to eat a separate bagel, rather than destroy his raft to appease his hunger. 

Again, that's just mildly impressed. What would have been more impressive? Several things. Colonizing that island. Planting a flag. Expanding his territory. A Castaway situation with Wilson, the world's tiniest volleyball. 

Check out the video below.


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