Did You Hear About the Subway Dancer Who Punched a Passenger for Ignoring His Show? | spoiled NYC

A subway dancer allegedly punched a passenger for paying attention to his phone instead of the performance.

The passenger, 39, was looking at his phone on a northbound A train last Monday when a performer grabbed the phone, resulting in a struggle in which the man was punched, police said to DNA Info. Before the incident, the performer allegedly yelled, “Anyone who isn’t paying attention, suck my d---.”

The victim left the incident with a cut and swelling on his face, police told DNA Info.


After punching the victim, the performer allegedly fled the scene with three others, leaving the police little information beyond that he was roughly 20 years old, The Source stated in a related article.

The performer and his cohorts exited the train at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Brooklyn. 

By: Jason Nuckolls, Metro New York

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[Feature Image Courtesy The New York Times]