Ari Nagel, a 40-year-old math professor, has been a familiar face on newstands lately. First, because he was revealed to be one of New York City's most well-known sperm donors.

Now he's in the news for a possibly more awkward reason: his wife wasn't exactly privy to any of his sperm donating habits.

Nagel revealed that he had been donating sperm directly to women in NYC for over a decade.

Nagel has donated directly to 18 women, leading to the birth of a total of 22 children over the spam of 12 years.

In the original piece on Nagel, he revealed that he still had a robust dating life, despite his unusual side hobby.

But what would probably turn more women off than his hobby is the fact that he has a wife.

After the article on Nagel was released, his wife learned of the extent of his sperm donating practice. Nagel later claimed that his wife knew about his donating sperm, but had urged him to stop doing so as she just wanted to have a normal family lifestyle.

Nagel even has three children of his own with his wife, the oldest being 12-years-old. 


Nagel has tried to cover up for the reputation he's now built for himself as a result of this information coming out after the article was published by claiming that he and his wife's marriage was just one of 'convenience'.

It looks like Nagel is just digging himself into a bigger hole. 

But regardless, he's still been getting hundreds of messages from ladies looking for both love, and a generous sperm donation.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy NY Post]