Sex! It's a thing, some of us do it. We're totally comfortable talking about it, and places that host it. 

Like, a lot.

Snctm is an "erotic theatre" club chock-full of those ever-arousing qualities: mystery, money, and, well, more money. Like a lot. 

$10,000 will get you just the basic package. Some people pay as much as $50,000 just for the sexperience.

And they're coming to New York City in September!

 On September 16th, they'll be getting it on in The Hamptons, according to Page Sex― we mean, Page Six.

The LA-based A-list catering club's founder, Damon Lawner, gave a Goop exclusive back in May that pretty much signaled Gwyneth Paltrow's approval, and he's been tracking down a tenable location for an NYC branch. 

Which shouldn't be too hard, given that NYC's erecting penthouses like craz-ay (no tent-pitching jokes, please).


Lawner told Page Six that a recent vacancy for 100 places (is that what the kids are calling them these days?) had more than a thousand people eager to fill those openings. 

Okay, we're a little sorry for making that joke, but we feel even more sorry for our A-listers. 

We'll let you know if we get an exclusive scoop on the comings and goings of the NYC branch, but the first thing we're doing when we get ten grand is definitely not spending it on sex.

Instead, we'll stick to the cheaper alternative, "Netflix and Chill". 

[via Page Six]  [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]