Do you have no Thanksgiving plans but a bunch of cash lying around? This is the deal for you. You remember the restaurant that had a $45K dinner last year

We're a little salty that not only is the 1% well, the 1% but now, they can even buy their way out of awkward family dinners.

The Meatpacking District steakhouse, Old Homestead, is offering a $50,000 dollar Thanksgiving dinner which might actually be worth it, if again, you have the means to blow $50k on Thanksgiving.

The menu includes a 20 lb free-range turkey, seasoned with "a proprietary exotic spice mix
of imported spices, and basted with imported EVOO. The stuffing is made from $465/lm Japanese Wagyu beef, foie gras, and $46/loaf sourdough bread– which apparently exists.

Other sides include whipped sweet potatoes under $1,600 caviar, and green beans that are prepared with chunks of 90/lb ham from pigs fed a special root diet. 

Dessert is just as extra– homemade pumpkin ice cream with an eggnog sauce infused with a $4,200 bottle of rum.

You might have noticed that this doesn't exactly add up to $50k and sure, they say the high life is lonely but enough to overpay by the thousands for a Thanksgiving dinner? Of course not.


The seat at Old Homestead's exclusive dinner table also includes 4 tickets to a Giants game, a night at the Waldorf with room service and breakfast in bed, a limo, and a $7,500 5th Avenue shopping spree. 

In case you get sick of your limo and feel like swapping it out to support some animal abuse, the package also includes a horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park.


Who buy things like this? You might be asking. Well, according to Gothamist, a spokesperson let them know that last year they sold all their available seats, and the year before that was filled by two parties of 10, so apparently, these people do exist.

How do we connect with them on LinkedIn?

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy ABCNews]