Sex positivity has obviously been worked into the framework of NYC's culture.

However, the "high class" adult entertainment app Lazeeva conducted a study that backs up this well-known fact, TimeOut NY reported. 

According to Lazeeva's study, NYC ranked sixth in a survey of the best cities in the world watching, buying or having sex. 

Ten factors determined who made the cut for the top cities with the most sex positivity. 

The app studied data from 100 cities across the world. This included reports of sexual activity, satisfaction and experimentation, consumption of sex toys and porn, active presence of adult entertainment venues and swingers' clubs, access to contraception, LGBTQ and gender equality.

Lazeeva also added the top porn keyword search of each city. So now, you can have a better idea of what wild fetishes your neighbors are into.

For New Yorkers, the equally unsurprising keyword is "massage." I mean, what New Yorker wouldn't want that after walking everywhere and running to catch the subway every day. 


Here's the list of the top ten sex-positive cities in the world:

1. Paris

2. Rio de Janeiro

3. London

4. Los Angeles

5. Berlin

6. New York City

7. Sao Paulo

8. Las Vegas

9. Ibiza Town

10. Amsterdam

Each category was ranked from 0-10 based on surveys, data and population numbers. However, it's important to remember that all of this is still relative.

For example, Paris snagged the number one spot because of its high numbers of swinger's clubs and adult entertainment venues, which only counts for a percentage of how urbanites get off.

Lazeeva did admit that many global sex hot spots didn't make the list because the information was hard to find.

And to put all of the salty New Yorkers at ease for following behind L.A., the city was only able to beat NYC because it's one of the world's capitals of pornography production.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via TimeOut NY]