Thousands of New Yorkers got stuck in an insane downpour last night that felt like it went on for hours.

Even if you weren't caught in the storm you probably saw plenty of photos of the post storm double rainbow flooding your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Insta, et al.

While an umbrella was basically useless in this kind of torrential rainstorm, it did lead to some pretty cool natural tricks of nature.

During the storm we got a taste of some pink lightning, which when it was scaring the sh*t out of you, was actually pretty cool to look at.

Of course, the poor Empire State Building got the brunt of the lightning end. Every year the Empire State building is hit by lightning at least 23 times, and last night was no exception.

For those of us who had neglected to use our better judgement and bring an umbrella along that day, many chose to hide out while they attempted to wait the storm out.

Subway stations were packed with commuters and soaked New Yorkers alike, all seeking some shelter from the showers, and hopefully a dry ride back home.

While you can usually count on most subway stations to keep you high and dry, some stations couldn't handle yesterday's storm, which led to some... interesting events.

If you were hiding out from the storm in Penn Station ― bless your soul ― you may have caught sight of this literal waterfall on the platform. An indoor waterfall also made an appearance at the Jay Street R station in Brooklyn.

And here we thought we'd seen it all.

If there's ever another downpour like this one, remember the wise words of TLC: "Don't go chasin' waterfalls."



[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]