Have you ever been to Times Square at night? Like, on a week day?

If rats make you squeamish, we don't recommend it. They don't even stick to garbage, they hang out around the TKTS booth, just like tourists.

But chances are, if you've been in New York City a while, you've come to terms that rats are our neighbors.

So it's pretty unsurprising that, out of the entire country, NYC ranks as the 2nd most rat-infested city.

Instinctively, we wish we were number 1, but we'll let Chicago take this one. Sure, we've got a lot of garbage and a lot of pizza, but they've got a lot of pizza that's garbage, so it makes sense that rats are drawn there if for nothing but the convenience of marrying the two. 

To curate the list, the pest-control company Orkin studied the places where the most pest-control treatments happened in the past year– NYC's was 29,314. 

As reported by Time Out NY, apparently, Chinatown has had the highest rodent complaints increase in the past five years, so if you're not a huge fan of our little buddies but still wanna stick it out in NYC, you could try avoiding there?

That would suck though because then you'd miss all the yummy dumplings. Can we fault NYC's rat population for knowing where all the good noms are?


The rest of the top 10 rat filled cities are as follows:

1. Chicago

2. New York

3. Washington, D.C.

4. Los Angeles

5. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

6. Baltimore

7. Philadelphia

8. Minneapolis-St. Paul

9. Detroit

10. Denver

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy NewsWeek]