A New York City landmark is set to be demolished.

On May 1st, the historic Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava suffered a devastating fire that ripped through the 160-year-old church. 

The fire was said to be caused by lit candles that were left after Serbian Orthodox Easter mass.

Now, the church is facing demolition due to increasing safety concerns.

The city is ordering the church to be demolished because of weather and increasingly high speed winds that have left the church "unstable".

The news is a devastating blow to the church's congregation who has already suffered so much after the tragic fire.

In 1968, the church was granted landmark status and because of this church leaders may or may not decide to rebuild the church.

The Landmarks Commission can "de-designate" the church as a landmark after the demolition which could allow leaders to go ahead and rebuild if they choose to do so.


Church members are saying it is too early to decide and must weigh all options before finalizing on a decision.

A place of worship has become a place of mourning and we are devastated to see such an old staple of New York City gone, but certainly not forgotten.

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[via New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]