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Did You Know NYC's First-Ever Uncorked Wine Festival Goes Down This Summer... and We're Sending You There!

We love wine. All of it. Cheap, expensive, boxed - canned, even, yes we love wine. 

Whether it's something light and playful like a box of Franzia Chablis we forgot we were only going to cook with, or something bold and brash like Pinot by Tituss, we know what's up even especially when it's not "the best" we can do.

And what better place than New York City to enjoy endless amounts of wine? Until now, we've seen some of the absolute best wine festivals in the country right in our humble, little city with one glaring exception: Uncorked Wine Festival.

The wildly popular and super incredible Uncorked Wine Festival, at long last, is coming to New York City this summer!

Uncorked Wine Festivals is bringing its national wine tour to the Metropolitan Pavilion Saturday, July 16th. 

It's sold out in cities like Phoenix, San Diego, and Kansas City! 

...Oh, you're right. That's not particularly sexy. Let's try that again.

It's sold out in huge American cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, and now, after basically just twiddling our thumbs on the East Coast FOREVER, the party's finally coming to the beautiful Chelsea neighborhood! And we're getting you there for free!


But Uncorked: NY Wine Fest is more than just a wine tasting. 

Like, have you been to a wine tasting? It's kind of stiff. If your only experience with one is braving that 20-minute How I Met Your Mother episode where they sit on their butts for the tannins to... (what do tannins do? EXACTLY!), then we feel sorry for you, fam. 


It's not just a wine tasting. It's an all-encompassing sensory experience for wine lovers! The festival will feature more than 50 wineries, more than 100 different wines to sample, a bar just for champagnin' and campaignin', and international wine market, a video DJ, a photo booth, and a blind tasting bar. 

But you can't drink on an empty stomach. Bad things happen. #Trust. 

That's why there's going to be an artisanal food bazaar featuring both sweet and savory deliciousness from the likes of Tres Carnes, Brooklyn Oyster Party, Haru Sushi, and Red Table Catering. 

Of course, you can't have wine without cheese (laws of physics), so Murray's Cheese is joining the party too. 

General admission for this baby, like any wine festival, is $60. 

KEEP CALM, DRINK ON! We're giving two pairs of tickets away fo' free! Yes, two winners will each be able to take a guest to New York City's first-ever Uncorked Wine Festival at the Metropolitan Pavilion! #DayMade

All you have to do is enter your email in the form above. Oh, and the winners have to solemnly swear to keep it classy, and by classy we really only mean you gotta keep your pinky up with every taste. Enter the giveaway above and drink fo' free!

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