Sometimes we forget how great Bubble Tea is. 

In NYC, there are roughly 99 billion exciting donuts, waffle cones, lattes with unicorn designs, and donuts inside of waffle cones smothered in lattes with unicorn designs coming out of them, that we sometimes neglect our favorite Taiwanese treasure. 

But this year we won't be forgetting a single delicious sip.

Because this year we're getting our tickets to the first ever Hello Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival in Times Square on September 24th.

If you've never tried bubble tea, named the national drink of Taiwan for good reason, then you seriously need to get on that. Bubble tea combines milk, tea, and fruity concoctions to bring you a beverage that is good for any season. Feel like sprucing it up a bit? Add chewy tapioca boba balls for the perfect tasty treat to top it all off. 


It's like a gummy surprise at the end of your beverage adventure seriously what are you doing with your life if you're not chowing down on some boba, amiright?

The festival will feature Taiwanese arts and crafts, awesome eats and treats from a variety of vendors, and let's not forget the world's largest bubble tea cup.

If that's not the coolest sentence you've seen all day then we give up.


But not before we raise our lychee, passionfruit, and taro flavored cups to the sky. Cheers!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY] 

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