Jordane Powell Talks “Descended", Fashion & Design

From dreams to threads, Jamaican-born New York-based fashion designer Jordane Powell talks about how his interest in clothing as a child led to the release of his first collection this year. Read about his curiosity for garments, fabric, forms, and how beauty serves as inspiration in his work and life.

Jordane Powell

Fashion Design at The Art Institute of New York

During his Junior year of high school, Jordane began compiling information on jobs and careers in the fashion industry. He carefully envisioned each, marinating over the shoes he'd one day like to fill, and the ever so impressive role of a 'fashion stylist' caught his eye, sealing the deal. He went on to study meticulously, and enroll in Fashion Design at The Art Institute of New York. There he studied fundamentals like the construction and formatting of garments, courses like textile handling, and the practical art of fabric behavior; immersed in the process of literal design and fantasizing about his next big project. His passion for the process and his knack for dreaming big ultimately lead him to create. 

"You can have a dope design but if the fabrication does match the design it will never translate how it should."D

F/W"21 “Sanctuary” Tote

Jahleah: Let's talk about your launch a bit, the brand, everything. What was the timeline like for this?

Jordane: I recently dropped my fashion brand “Descended”. We launched in January of 2022. It’s been a work in progress for years now. The brand is a reflection of me and the type of designs that I want to share with the world.

Jahleah: That's a big deal. Congratulations. There are lots of strong themes in this collection, I'd like to talk about them a bit. What was behind the scenes during the conception?

Jordane: When it comes to designing I want to push the boundaries in men’s fashion, upheave social values and create innovation while implementing sustainable practices. When it comes to concepts, I tend to lean on ideas and things that are genuine and meaningful to me. I also have a bit of a religious element in my designs.

“Holy Trinity” Oversized Hoodie

Jahleah: Yes, that comes together seamlessly, the pieces seem very welcoming and wearable. I also love that sustainability mentality, well made things tend to wear well. What about the city, has that had an effect on the line?

Jordane: My relationship with fashion in New York City is special. You can go outside and you’ll see a plethora of people with different styles conveying unique and similar messages with the garments they decided to wear that day. That’s so amazing to me!

Jahleah: Yes, New York City is exploding with energy, individuality...inspired imitation. What are your plans for the brand moving forward?

Jordane: Moving forward I definitely plan on upscaling Descended. Working on a new collection and new collaborations - building with artists and like-minded individuals and entities

See more of his “Descended” collection below and keep up with his creative process on Insta @danenyc_

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