Despite the bad rep that most New Yorkers give Staten Island, it's actually got some good things going for it.

It might be the borough you love to hate on, but it's definitely the least populated and one of the more nature-friendly. 

Staten Island's Ferry alone makes the trip worthwhile, and it looks like Manhattan might get another dock. 

Yes, NYC's Department of Transportation is on the prowl for a ferry stop in Midtown. 

The new stop might be Pier 11 or the East 34th Street docks, as Time Out New York  reported. 

In addition to another Manhattan dock, the DOT is seeking a shipyard for developing replacement ferries. 

And TBH, that's a smart move. The oldest running ferry, John F. Kennedy, was commissioned in 1965, and four of the other eight vessels were commissioned in the eighties. 


Staten Island Borough President James Oddo requested that the DOT consider another Manhattan docking point back in April. 

Yep. The mystery still remains as to why it took the DOT so long to get back to Oddo, and he's in the same boat. 


Here's how you can get there. If you haven't taken the ferry before, it might prove a good break from your usual borough. 

[via Time Out New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]