As Travel Ban Is Lifted and Subways & Buses Resume Delayed Service, NYers Dig Out from 26.8 Inches of Snow | spoiled NYC

Service on the city’s subway and bus lines has in the most part resumed on Sunday, with some above ground lines still closed after Saturday’s historic snowstorm.

The MTA announced Sunday that service on the subway lines and MTA bus network had resumed, however on a modified Sunday schedule.

MTA personnel made route by route assessment overnight and will continue to monitor conditions on a route by route basis throughout the day.

Portions of the above ground subway network, which were hit hardest by the snowfall, have been restored.

The restored lines include: the 1 line in Bronx and Manhattan; 2 in the Bronx; 3 in Manhattan and Brooklyn; 4, 5, 6 in the Bronx; 7 in Queens; D, F, G, in Brooklyn; J, M in Brooklyn and Queens; A to Lefferts Boulevard making all local stops; and N to Astoria Ditmars Boulevard.

Some outdoor lines still remain closed, requiring more intensive snow clearing work. These lines are the A Rockaway line, Q Brighton Beach line, N Sea Beach line, L to Broadway Junction and the S Franklin Avenue shuttle.


All bus routes — which were out of service as of Saturday afternoon — were back on line Sunday morning however continue to be on a modified Sunday schedule and with some detours.

Access-A-Ride service has also resumed making scheduled trips and the call center is open.

Limited buses will be making all local stops on restored routes, and 40-foot buses will replace 3-door buses on all Select Bus Service (SBS) routes.

Long Island Rail Road service remains suspended until further notice, with many of the LIRR’s yards still buried in snow.


The restored subway service will for many lines operate at lower service numbers than normal and delays remain possible on a line by line basis. Straphangers should monitor Service Status on to learn when particular lines have resumed service.

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