Unlike the Night King, this guy won't bust your balls with his icy gaze. 

That's right, a bill is set to pass this afternoon that would allow Mayor de Blasio to appoint a Director of Nightlife to monitor New York's bustling night scene. Wee!

New York's $10 billion industry of food, drink, and parties will be overseen by the elected official, helping to advocate for venues and take down outdated regulations, such as the "Cabaret Law" which forbids dancing between three or more people in bars and restaurants. 

Dating back to Prohibition, this law has racist roots, and angered citizens have organized a petition to repeal the law.

NYC is not the first to think of this sweet idea, though. The proposed bill is modeled after similar "Night Mayor" success stories from Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, and London. We are all honored to join the party club. 


However, this position isn't all fun and games, as the name would have you believe. The bill will establish a Nightlife Advisory Board of 12 people, including industry workers, stakeholders, and zoning professionals who will work to deal with issues like rising rent prices and poor community planning. 

"My main motivation to push for this office is to make sure that the DIY venues and the smaller venues that actually provide a hub for artists and musicians to come together and express their art are able to survive," said Counsilmember Rafael Espinal after Shea Stadium in Bushwick unfortunately closed down. 

We're throwing our hat into the ring and nominating this guy:

JK. JK. Anyway, having a daytime and a nighttime mayor could be exciting for NYC. Like a modern Batman and Robin scenario. 

We only hope that the Cabaret Law can be swiftly terminated so that we can dance the night away as the Night Mayor shines his glorious light all over town. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Photo by Seth Applebaum, via Shea Stadium]