Pokemon Go has been at the center of its fair share of controversies.

Most people are harmlessly glued to their phones trying to catch 'em all, but some unlucky few have been robbed, or walked into ponds.

A primary concern for parents of young children playing Pokemon Go has been the possibility of sexual predators taking advantage of the app.

While there is still no way to socialize with other players, or learn of their location through the app itself, many robbers and sexual predators have been said to use the game as a means of luring unsuspecting teens to abandoned parking lots.

A group of robbers dropped a lure at a Poke-stop near an abandoned lot, allowing them to steal the phones of several teenagers hoping to take advantage of the lure.

Concerns were recently raised in regards to many of the games Pokestops proximity to registered sex offenders homes.

In an investigation done by the Daily News, 100 staff members were sent to play the game in the proximity of the homes of 100 registered sex offenders. Just playing in the areas of these homes produced a 57% chance of a Pokemon appearing, and that's without any nearby Pokestops or gyms.


The Daily Dot now reports that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned registered sex offenders on parole from playing Pokemon Go.

How exactly is this possible? The state will now be regulating that these sex offenders do not download or register to play the game. 

This was done in an effort to protect children from the possible dangers associated with the extremely popular game.


But this legislation is only the beginning. New York lawmakers are also pursuing contact with the game's creator, Niantic, in hopes of restricting the game from having any Pokestops or gyms within 100 feet of a registered sex offenders home, further dissuading children from heading in those directions.

As Pokemon Go grows more and more popular with each passing week, will we actually be seeing any updates from Niantic to improve the safety regulations of the game? 

We're not sure exactly how this would work, but it'd be nice to play one of the most addictive games around without having to worry about walking right into some kind of trap.

[via Daily Dot] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]