Looks like maybe Brooklyn is a little jealous of Manhattan after all. 

But really, can we blame it?

Back in November, plans for the newest addition to the BK skyline were announced. 

The building, a 1,066 foot tower to be built at 340 Flatbush Avenue Extension, required approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, given that part of it will rest on the historic Dime Savings Bank. 

While the skyscraper itself complies with the city's regulations, the changes being made to the 108-year-old bank had to be reviewed by the Commission, given that it has landmark status. 

BK's newest building will be quite the spectacle. 

Once constructed, it will become the borough's tallest building, and will even surpass two of Manhattan's tallest structures, the Chrysler and New York Times buildings (which are currently tied for 5th tallest in the city). 

The 27 story apartment building will total 556,164 square feet, with 463,470 square feet reserved for 417 residential units. 


The building is also just the beginning of many apartment complexes in the works for Brooklyn. 

By the time this structure goes up in 2019, approximately 22,000 new apartments are expected to be added. 

The rendering of BK's newest plan is a bit jarring - the building sticks out like a sore thumb among the smaller, unassuming structures in downtown BK.

But who knows? By 2019, it will probably fit right in. 

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[via DNA Info] [Feature Image Courtesy SkyScraperpage]