New Yorkers, Rejoice! 50,000 NYC Apartments Have Officially Been Returned to Rent Regulation | spoiled NYC

Can we say "rejoice" and "rent" in the same article? 

Because it's sorta happening. Of course, it took long enough, but we can now confidently put those two words in the same sentence with confidence. What changed?

Governor Cuomo announced that the Tenant Protection Unit has returned 50,000 apartments that were deregulated by landlords back to rent regulation, and restored over $2.25 million back to tenants for overcharged rent. 

Governor Cuomo stated, "[four] years ago, we created the [Tenant Protection Unit] to root out landlord fraud and abuse, fight tenant harassment and protect the rights of two million New Yorkers occupying rental apartments." 

He continued, "[since] then, the TPU has successfully fought for tenants' rights, returning thousands of units to rent regulation, holding bad actors accountable and forcing restitution for those who have been overcharged."

Over the past four years, the TPU tracked down apartment rentals that had disappeared from the Office of Rent Administration (ORA) registration data, and notifying the owners of their failure to register units, restoring 50,000 apartments to their regulated rates. 


Additionally, the TPU notified tenants who were unaware that they were being overcharged for "apartment improvements that were either never completed or could not be substantiated."

Remember, these apartments were illegally changed from rent stabilized 


Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner James S. Rubin stated that the TPU's work and "the strong new fair housing push will help increase housing choice for our diverse New York population."

So, go on and rejoice. Even if it's retroactive justice, it's justice nonetheless. Not the most timely, no; but this is NYC. Sometimes you've got to take what you can get. This is one of those times.

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