What's more delicious than Belgian waffles? Belgian waffles smothered in Nutella and topped with gelato. 

Yea, that's a thing at Eataly's Nutella Bar, and we (as New Yorkers who are more than willing to take one for the team and ruin our bikini bodies for the sake of journalism) selflessly ate four of them. 

We know, it was such a hardship (read: it was the best so-called-assignment we've ever been asked to cover in our lives), but we know you, the people, are much more important than our diets. 

Who are we kidding? As soon as we found out Eataly had Belgian waffles with Nutella on their menu at the Nutella bar, we were on that sh*t immediately.

We are not exaggerating. This waffle was deadly. We opened Pandora's Box. Now that we've had it, we have to have more. We're addicted, and we're not ashamed to admit it. 

As soon as we removed the boxes from the bag, it filled our small office with scents more seductive than any scent known to man. 

If we could bottle it up and sell it, we'd be billionaires, but we'd also be heavily obese because we'd eat anything in sight. We digress.


It smelt godly. When we finally opened the box to see a rather ordinary looking Belgian waffle drizzled with a mass of gooey Nutella, we almost fainted. 

Listen. We can't aptly describe how phenomenal these Eataly waffles tasted while topped with Nutella. 

Let's just say that after one of us dropped a half on the floor (NUTELLA SIDE DOWN), we called the five second rule and savagely ate it like a starving animal. No shame, people. #savage.


Nutella does things to a person. When you have a perfectly crisp, fluffy Belgium waffle, but smother it with warm Nutella, and then top it with a scoop of vanilla gelato? We've died and gone to heaven. 

If you haven't already tried the "Waffle con Gelato e Nutella" from Eataly, you need to run (not walk) to get yours today. Why are you still reading? Go! 

We'll take seven as a finding charge. Please, and thank you. Also, if you want to live vicariously through spoiled Eats, you can follow us on snapchat (username: spoiledNYC).

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