We can’t get enough doughnuts. Thankfully, we have to walk to and from work, otherwise we’d have to limit our doughnut intake.

And living in New York City, we get the most bizarre and colorful doughnuts before pretty much everywhere else.

So when we heard about this nutella-s’mores doughnut at Grindstone Coffee & Doughnuts, we drooled a bit. 

Grub Street reported the recent addition to Sag Harbor’s doughnut scene has been keeping it fresh with funky flavors like chai, lemon poppy-seed, and the nutella-s’mores; but also with quality ingredients.

Owner Kyle Shanahan told Grub Street that “‘[w]e take cues from Michael Pollan’s Food Rules,” an innovative move, considering they deal in doughnuts.

Shanahan uses local milk and eggs alongside his non-bromated flour (we didn’t even know that was a thing), and a 48-hour-proof brioche cycle for the dough.

He noted that “it matters more and more what’s inside your food, rather than what it is you eat.” So does this mean we can eat twice as many doughnuts and feel half as fat?


And while the coffee does come from the San Francisco-based Four Barrel, we'd like to think it's because doughnuts these delicious can only be dunked in coffee of a similar caliber. 


Grindstone Coffee & Doughnuts, in an unexpected twist of events, has no phone, but hey, that's retro deliciousness for you. They also sell vintage comics and art. 

We’re definitely going to hustle down to Sag Harbor (field trip, anyone?) before too long, because the most popular flavors (including the nutella-s’mores) tend to sell out by 3 p.m. 

[via Grub Street] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]