Ummm... #Murica? The U.S.A. Didn't Even Make This List of the Top Ten Countries in the World

What a blow to the gut during America's most patriotic time of year.

There have been plenty of studies conducted that research what the best country is for employment, affordable housing, love, etc, etc...

But a recent mashup of pretty much every one of these studies concluded that Norway is the best country for, well... everything.

In the study by Prosperity Index, 89 factors were considered and weighed in regards to what makes a country 'prosper' and set up a ranking of 142 countries in eight different categories.

The categories were Economy, Entrepreneurship and Opportunity, Education, Governance, Health, Safety and Security, Personal Freedom, and Social Capitol.

Norway, which ranked within the top 10 of each category, was named the country to beat all countries.

The top included Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, to name a few. You can check out the full list and scores for each country here.


Sadly our good ol' U S of A was ranked 11th, just missing the top 10 slot.

First Philly beats New York as the best place for millennials to move to, now America doesn't even cut the top 10 best countries in the world?


Nothing tamps the 4th of July spirit like this one.

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