The Food Hall to End All Food Halls Is Coming Uptown This Fall

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Attention! Calling all foodies across NYC.

New Yorkers generally have zero self-control when it comes to stuffing their face and visiting multiple food markets in one day. It can be a blissful respite. We're never bored. There's always something new popping up. And we're so. Effing. Down.

North End Food Hall will be opening Fall 2017 and will be the largest food market in NYC.

Uptown's new food market will be 6,000-square-foot of food space to relax and enjoy. 

The North End Food Hall, as originally reported by Eater, will feature a local uptown favorite coffee shop, Filtered Coffee, and the ever-popular Harlem cocktail bar, Mess Hall. 

The other vendors will flesh out a concept tied into bringing the street food indoors with BBQ, tacos, and inevitably something halal. It'll be the largest food hall of its kind, so we're pretty stoked. 

Sounds good, right NYC?

sugarhillmarket Our next market on Sunday February 19th will be at a new commercial space called @northendnyc which will eventually become uptown's largest food hall. Currently @filterednewyork has a pop-up coffee shop and SHM will be part of the storefront development for one day in 2 weeks! Mark those calendars to experience an exciting new part of town. #sugarhillmarket #northendnyc #foodhall #nyc #wahi #4300broadway #madeinnyc #madeinusaπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Get ready to head uptown this fall. It's going to be huge, absurd, and undoubtedly delicious. 

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[via Time Out New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Eater New York]