Wine and feline, amiright!? Wine is awesome. It's grown up juice that you can uncork whenever you need a break from adulting. Plus, wine drunk is the best drunk out there by miles.

But, what if you wanted to share a drink with your one true love in this world; the creature who looks like it is planning your murder every time you wake up next to it; the one who doesn't mess with the seat of your toilet because it has its very own?

We're talking about your cat of course, and now they can enjoy a nice glass of their very own wine.

Apollo Peak has made non-alcoholic wine that consists of fresh beets and organic catnip so that you and your feline friend can unwind together after a stressful day.

Granted, your cat probably has never had a stressful day in its life. 

But, hey, why shouldn't it indulge in the goodness that is wine?

Brandon Zavala founded the company and named it after his very own cat. It started as a joke and quickly evolved into a serious company trying to get cats to mimic their owners.

He describes the "wine" as a tea and has gotten approval from local veterinarians in Denver where the company is based out of. 


Although, he says that owners should check with their vet before popping a bottle for their cat.

So, maybe in the near future when you do take your cat out for a date in the Upper West Side, you can order a glass of Pinot Meow for your cat.

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[via Huffington Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]