This Unforgettable 1970s-Themed Room at No. 8 Seriously Feels Like You're at a Basement House Party

Anybody remember the good ol' days of punk rock, the birth (and death, thank god) of disco, the very beginnings of hip-hop, the reckless drugs, the haze of sweat, sex, and bad-- some very bad indeed --decisions? You know, the 1970s? 

Nobody? Nobody remembers the throbbing, pulsing, grit and grime of New York City's party scene back in the day? 

You've got two options. The first, check out HBO's Vinyl. Watch like the first half of the first episode and go with your gut feeling: No, it doesn't get much better. 

The second? Check out Rec Room, this incredible 1970s themed NYC nightclub that feels like you're actually in a divey, basement house party.

Check out Rec Room, this incredible 1970s themed NYC nightclub that feels like you're actually in a divey, basement house party.

Rec Room is an absolutely dope extension of Chelsea's absolutely bangin' No. 8.

Rec Room is basically the unlikeliest of marriages between a high-energy, danceable dive bar, and an elegant lounge. 

It's like if a die-hard Ramones rude boy grew up and married a classy girl who's really into Lana Del Ray, and now they dress their baby in leather jackets and Yeezys. See? Classy AF.


via Rec Roomies

But seriously, Rec Room is where it's at. It's the upstairs part of No. 8, and it's seriously like being transported into an entirely different vibe. They're both insane, but Rec Room is the throwback throw down. 

At No. 8you get the best of both worlds. The vibe of the lower level is what you bring with you; relaxed, intimate, nothing about it is in your face. 

But Rec Room upstairs? Context clues, breh. It's a rec room... literally.  


via Rec Roomies

It's crazy. It's where you go when mom and dad are fighting (kidding, not kidding). Rec Room brings back the magic of pissing off the neighbor down the block with your loud, off-campus college party, while still keeping it classy. 

Tryin' to get down? With us? Awesome. We decided to Act a Fool… on Friday, April 1st. April Fool’s Night. We’re getting loud, lit, weird, and wild with a one-hour open bar, thanks to our good friends over at Tequila Avión and The Hidden Sea Wines.

Tequila?! Nothing says Rec Room for grownups without tequila. Not only that, but this is just a taste of what's yet to come. This is but the first in a long line of monthly spoiled soirées spoiled NYC is now throwing. That’s right. Get. Stoked.


spoiled NYC

What about some more free stuff? How about some long-awaited spoiled NYC t-shirts? And if you wear your sunglasses at night so you can, so you can… well, we got you. 

Sounds like something you don't want to miss, right? Avión Tequila, The Hidden Sea Wines, one-hour open bar, and we’re handing out some slick spoiled swag?

Yeah, thought not. So get your a** in gear, and get your tickets right here. We’ll see you there. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll remember we ever even met, so… until we meet again.

Next month, right? Cool. See you then.

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