Never has there been a more appropriate time for the "hallelujah hands" emoji. 

Earlier this week, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron announced that certain AMC movie theaters may begin to introduce theaters specifically reserved for horrible people who feel the need to text throughout the entire movie.

No, this was not the plot summary of a sci-fi film set in a post-modern universe in which human brains have been replaced by computers and the Snapchat ghost is the president of the United States.  

This was real life. 

The idea sprung from Aron's concern regarding the lackluster ticket sales that cinemas have seen in recent years, crediting the decline to an unenthusiastic Gen Y. 

This concern is totally valid - between Netflix, HBO GO, and other streaming providers (not to mention all the illegal ways to download movies and TV shows), young people today basically have entertainment at their fingertips.

Aron's argued that the only way to lure Millenials back to the cinema is to re-structure what the movie-going experience entails, because telling young people to turn off their phones simply isn't going to do it. 


However, Aron has received such fervent backlash regarding his proposal that he has made a public statement assuring that AMC has scrapped all plans for texting-friendly theaters.

Cue collective sigh of relief from every human on the planet. 

We were all certain that this "solution" was definitely not the appropriate way to approach the issue, and thankfully they recognized that.

Seriously, if you can't make it through a two-hour movie without sending a text, you clearly have far more pressing concerns. 

We're thinking that AMC could perhaps redirect their new project ideas away from those that enable texting addicts and towards something more constructive. 

Movie-texters' support group, anyone? 

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