We never thought we would have to remind people of this but... Uber would like to remind everyone that there is a zero-sex policy in their cars.  

Just, you know, as a friendly reminder.

According to Gothamist, last week Uber issued a new set of Community Guidelines which included: basic tenets of decency like throwing out your trash, supervising your children in the car, and leaving your guns at home. 

Yes, these are the things people—human beings, mind you—like you and me need to be reminded of. 

Cabs might be cool with you getting frisky in the backseat, but Uber just wants you to know that you will be kicked out of your car if you make any moves.

That'll be an awkward walk home...


The company also wants to establish that should never ever be any physical or sexual contact between drivers and riders, no matter what. 

Long story short, stay arms length apart in the back of your black car please. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Business of Apps]