So ICYMI, Nintendo is coming out with a new gaming system called The Switch this coming March!

We have a feeling you might've heard of it. You know. That commercial with that chick that thinks it's okay to bring a Gameboy to a rooftop party? We all on the same page now? 

It gets better: they made a new Mario game to go along with it!

Super Mario Odyssey is an open-world sandbox style game, something like you would see in Grand Theft Auto or Minecraft. 

It turns out that we might have a lot in common with Mario... maybe more than we thought. 

As reported by Gothamist, the trailer released for the new 3-D game, one world looks very similar to our own beloved NYC—right down to the yellow cabs and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now, maybe it's just us—but we love our city, so it wouldn't be the first time we were accused of being vain.

That said, what other city would it be modeled after with its own name pasted everywhere you look? Must be New York.... I mean New Donk.

Watch the full trailer and decide for yourself below!


[via Gothamist ] [Feature Image Courtesy Youtube]