Technology has come a long way when it comes to personal security.

The Nimb Ring is just the next installment when it comes to personal security devices. But based on this video from

">ThrillistTech, it looks like this ring is going to be the gadget to beat.

The Nimb Ring is a small, unassuming smart ring that doubles as a panic button in dangerous situations.

To use the ring, you have to download an app to your phone that then connects to Bluetooth. This allows the ring to have access to your emergency contacts.

Now, to actually set off the panic button aspect of the ring, you need to press down on a button located on the underside of the ring for at least three seconds.

When this button has been pressed for more than three seconds your emergency contacts are alerted.

But that's not all.

The ring also tracks your location, displaying it on an in app map. It also records audio of your surroundings, collecting evidence of both your surroundings, and whoever may be attacking you.


The ring can also contact the police via an automatic setting that contacts all nearby emergency dispatch centers when the distress button has been activated. 

It keeps track of personal information about the wearer such as name, location, and gender in order to give emergency dispatchers an easier time locating the distressed wearer of the ring.

The Nimb Ring seems to have it all when it comes to making you feel safe. We've never quite seen anything else like it on the market.

Want to beef up your sense of security for your 3 a.m walk home from your favorite summer bar? Check out The Nimb Ring's kickstarter

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