Turn My Music High, High, High: 8 Best Nightclubs to Wild Out in NYC

Among all the things New York City is known for, nightlife is easily one of the items that top the list.

Locals and tourists alike regularly release the week’s tension by dancing the weekend away at both well-established and newly created nightclubs alike.

But if you’re looking for the true jewels in the crown, look no further than these Big Apple hotspots that are sure to give any reveler a night to be remembered.

1. Cielo (18 Little West 12th Street)


What this legendary NYC club lacks in size it makes up for in its ability to deliver a serious dance party. Known as the place, “Where house music lives,” Cielo adds a slice of nightlife heaven in the Meatpacking District.


This is a spot where the trendy "cool kids" hang out,  but without all the attitude that the Manhattan clubs sometimes come with. Cielo has also won a significant amount of nightlife and best club awards over the course of its half-decade existence, with each one well deserved.

2. No. 8 (357 West 16th Street)

Rising to fame through its former identity as Bungalow 8, this A-list celebrity spot is the epitome of the place to see and be seen. 


This bi-level behemoth takes the NYC club experience to another level.

Palm trees, and elegant ambiance and massive mirrored horseshoe bar welcomes you when you walk in. 

Venture upstairs to find a DJ booth spinning tunes to carry you through the night. You just never know who will show up.

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3. Output (74 Wythe Avenue - Brooklyn)


Some big DJs have walked through Output’s converted warehouse doors, as it lacks nothing that a top-notch club in Manhattan does. However, it brings in a lot of the local Williamsburg crowd, which makes it a good place to avoid partying tourists.


The main dance room drops some serious beats with their state-of-the-art Funktion One, one of the best sound systems on the market. If you want to take a breather, slip into the Panther Room to relax in a chiller lounge or get some air out on the open rooftop.

4. Palisades (906 Broadway - Brooklyn)


This underground dance spot tucked away in Bedford-Styvesant offers a less traditional nightclub experience, welcoming in local indie groups and lyric bomb-dropping rappers to their club mix repertoire.

Though it’s a bit small with less laser lights and fog machines than their NYC cousins, Palisades does what all venues strive to do. Go someplace, have a unique experience and never forget it.


5. Marquee (289 10th Avenue)


Although the club lost a good deal of the public’s interest a few years ago due to money and upkeep, after the overhaul resurgence they had in 2012, Marquee has seen a very visible resurrection.

The venue itself is a show, starting with their collection of “all things nightlife,” treasures collected during the golden years of clubbing, and ending at the costumed dancers who walk around but will intermittently put on a show for nearby onlookers.

6. Bossa Nova Civic Club (1271 Myrtle Ave - Brooklyn)


Its name may not scream out “nightclub,” but this Bushwick hotspot has risen to popularity in an almost unprecedented way. Coined a “tropical fantasy dance club,” the dim and intimate ambiance is contrasted with vibrant light displays and effects.

Bossa Nova actually has become a melting pot of sorts for the immediate neighborhood. Along with the newfound popularity comes with a number of perks, such as a growing list of very mainstream DJs including Ron Morelli, Marcos Cabral, Heather Heart and Alex X.

7. Lavo (39 East 58th Street)

A bustling restaurant by day and a bass-banging hotspot, this East Side gem has just about everything you’d want in a night out. From the decadent scarlet and violet color scheme to the opulent chandeliers, it’s quite the stunning sight.


With a myriad of LED screens, a massive, sunken in dance floor and a bar that makes some killer cocktails, Lavo definitely gives you a higher caliber NYC night out. Pull back those tasseled entryway curtains to enter a world of music, color and fun.

8. Black Flamingo (168 Borinquen Place - Brooklyn)


A basement bacchanal in the ever-popular neighborhood of Williamsburg, Black Flamingo shows that you don’t have to be mainstream to be successful. The two-level club gives an array of different experiences.

The Latin-inspired vegetarian menu serves up delectable morsels, their chic cocktail parlor keeps the good times going with a number of specialty cocktails and the upstairs nightclub will keep you there all night long.

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