Ever watch the hit Ben Stiller film 'Night At The Museum', and think dear god I wish that was me?

WELL NOW IT CAN BE. Who says kids' movies just have to be for kids? The American Museum of Natural History is closing out their third successful season of 'Night at the Museum for Grown-ups' with two adults-only sleepovers.

On Friday, May 5th and Friday, June 30th, adults 21 and older can explore the museum after hours in their PJs and find out once and for all if the exhibits come to life after dark.

Honestly let's hope they don't animate, because including access to the 45 permanent exhibition halls, guests can also explore the new Mummies exhibition, featuring the largest collection of Egyptian and Peruvian mummies in North America.

The evening kicks off under the sea with a bubbly champagne reception and an elegant sit-down dinner in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, with live music provided by 12th Night Jazz Trio.

Once all of the fancy adult stuff is out of the way, guests can let out their inner-kid by exploring the nearly empty halls of the museum, including a flashlight tour down a darkened fossil halls. Just try not to pee your pants when you run into the T-Rex skeleton.

In the new Mummies exhibit, nighttime adventurers can take it all off—the mummies that is. Virtually unwrap mummies at interactive touch tables, and handle 3-D printed replicas of the burial goods discovered in the millennia old tombs.


At midnight guests can travel out of this world with the 'Dark Universe' Space Show, or if they're really jones-ing to see something come to life, see a live-animal show in the Kaufmann Theater.

When it's time for bedtime, guests can sleep with the fishes (in a good way unroll their sleeping bags in the Hall of Ocean Life and fall asleep looking up at giant, 94 foot long Blue Whale hanging from the ceiling. Anyone looking to pull an all nighter can head to the "Lunar Lounge" in the Hall of Planet Earth, equipped with late night snacks and charging stations.


Want in on this epic sleepover for big kids? The event goes from 7pm to 9am on May 5th and June 30th, and tickets are $300 for members and $350 for non-members. 

Let us know if cowboy Owen Wilson shows up.

[Feature Image Courtesy Today]