Okay, so who hasn't sneakily borrowed a stranger's charger under a Starbucks counter for a few extra zuba's (that's Dad slang for power)?

Michael Vaga, creator of HandEnergy, a European Kickstarter, wants to change all that. 

By harnessing the power of your wrists. We know it sounds weird, but stay with us. It's like a Shake Weight. But for your phone battery. 

Small enough to fit in your hand, this pocketful of battery joy generates an electric current when rotated with the motion of your wrists (average speed 5000 RPM). Energy travels through the ball to a USB cord which can charge just about any device. 


The sphere costs $79 plus shipping, and is more reliable than other plug-free chargers on the market, granted you can swirl the ball around for a few minutes and not feel like a complete fool. 

You'll get over it though once you learn that the device is 100% Eco-friendly and charges at the exact pace that your charger would, minus the tied to a wall situation. 

More inspiring? Vaga and his team have been touring 15 countries over the past three years, testing their product to real people, collecting user feedback, and just being all around rock stars with their #HandEnergyTour.


Cute, right? 

Added bonus: you can simultaneously heal your carpal tunnel from all that desk job nonsense. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [Feature Image Courtesy Thrillist]