It Ain't Just the City That's Crowded: 10 Ways Being a New Yorker Prepares You for Traveling Abroad

We love travel, we really do. But let’s be real, it’s not always unicorns and rainbows when jaunting abroad. 

The bad? Unexpected, sometimes frustrating, and quite often downright annoying situations arise when traveling. The good? 

As a true New Yorker, you’re the best one to handle it all. Being a true New Yorker prepares you for the lovely, the undesirable, and the occasional rainbow-haired unicorn. 

So plan that vacation, indulge in that adventure, and break the bank; because we’ve got you covered. Here’s 10 ways you probably didn’t realize that being a New Yorker has already prepared you for your next trip abroad.

1. Research


We New Yorkers like to make sure we're getting the best of everything. The best price, experience, etc. It's in our blood to research to the Nth degree and nail down the best possible deal. 


Applying this top-notch skill to trip planning is probably the best idea ever. After all, you only have so many vacation days; making the most of them is of utmost importance.

2. Space


Space as in: fitting tons of shit into small spaces. Tiny carry-on allowances? No problem. We can fit a 4-bedroom house in a studio apartment like a boss. 

Chronic overpacker? Just go for the layer approach. By layer approach we mean wear 4-6 outfits all layered on top of each other on the plane. 

Can’t fool us, and a likely outcome as a New Yorker is you’ll probably start a new trend. Nevermind the sweating.

3. Spontaneous changes


Last minute nonsense is a regular occurrence when traveling abroad. But rest easy... New Yorkers are prepared for anything. 

Bus cancelled? No problem, we’ll find another way. Be ready for unexpected changes when traveling, and embrace them. 

We have a supreme innate ability when it comes to reacting and finding alternate routes to avoiding the mile long line for the bus at Port Authority. Use these skills to handle any quick, surprising changes while traveling abroad, and you'll be golden.

4. Overcrowded... crowds


Please. This is our best subject! As New Yorkers we can handle big crowds like none other. Giant crowd encounters can happen anywhere. 

City crowds full of tourists cramming themselves to take the best photo? Done. Country crowds jam-packed with thousands of sheep surrounding your car so you can't move in any direction? Handled.


Okay, so that might be a tad specific, but the point is you're prepared for it all. 

Just close your eyes and think of the subway commute on the 6 train, and you'll feel right at home.

5. One step ahead


As New Yorkers we're inherently always thinking one step ahead; anticipating our next move. 

Because when we're going from point A to point B, we're in the zone. 

Being naturally one step ahead without even trying really helps us while traveling abroad. Other travelers will probably start following your lead. You superstar, you.


6. Weird humans


People are weird. Pretty sure it's a known fact. Chances are you won't be appalled by much, because as a New Yorker you’ve seen EVERYTHING. 

Especially if you've ridden the subway at 4am. Little surprises us at this point. 


Embrace the weirdness, because where else will you see a fanny pack as a checked item on a luggage belt at baggage claim? Traveling is people watching at its finest.  

7. iPad photographers


As inhabitants of New York City, we are overly exposed to this worldwide phenomenon. 

Because we live in a major tourist destination, we know firsthand that taking a picture using a TV screen is wildly annoying. 

It's no different when traveling abroad, but worry not, because you already know the level of irritation to expect.

8. Thick patience


You know the saying “patience is wearing thin?”

Well, good news, because as a true New Yorker you’ve built up a tolerance. Every person who has cut in line or pushed passed you onto the subway has inadvertently helped you by giving you thick patience. 

This way, it takes much longer for your patience to wear thin. Read that over a few more times, it’ll start to make sense. Promise.

9. Cat-like reflexes


Your refined cat-like reflexes will come in handy whilst traveling. Trust us. Dodging selfie sticks, evading gross things... the list goes on. 

Like dog poo on the streets of NYC. Because guess what? Other countries have all sorts of poo on the streets. 


So, next time you want to curse out a dog owner for being lazy, thank them instead. They've just contributed to your travel abroad training. Poo dodging level: master. 

10. Charades


We New Yorkers are known to be pretty direct and straight forward. This attribute will come in handy when traveling abroad, more specifically when asking for help in a country where you don’t speak the language. 

Employ your talent of speaking with your hands, like a real life game of travel charades, using as little words of possible to make your point. And as a seasoned New Yorker... you'll dominate the game when traveling abroad.

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