As convenient as it is, nobody likes their commute to work. Especially not if it’s underground in a dingy, garbage filled, creepy crawler-infested tunnel we like to call the subway.

We don’t want to spend one minute more than we have to under the city streets, and most New Yorkers will do a lot to cut that extra minute off.

So, how much would you do to cut just a little bit of time off? Well, New Yorkers are apparently a little weird when it comes to shaving 60 seconds off the trip to work.

On average, New Yorkers pay around $56 more in rent every single month for a one-bedroom apartment that’s one minute closer by subway to Manhattan’s main business districts.

According to a FiveThirtyEight, this finding is based on analysis of data from the real estate listing service StreetEasy. For those who can afford it, the convenience of living is more important than the comfort.

The benefits of living in a place with a short commute has other benefits as well. These areas tend to have more (and better) restaurants, nightlife, and convenience.

Findings suggest that rent could soon be dropping for residents of Williamsburg as well as some other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The reason?

The MTA plans to close the L train for repairs starting in 2019, which would add nearly 10 minutes to daily commutes. The rent could be cut by around $250-450 per month. So... thanks?


Meanwhile, as you can guess, rents have already increased near the newly opening Second Avenue subway stations on the Upper East Side. Considering that New Yorkers make around $29 per hour on average, the estimates of closer living make sense.

Of course, this all depends on where you live, where you work, if you’re living with a nice rich person, etc. 

[via Five Thirty Eight] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]