We’ve been outed, peeps.

Time Out’s inaugural City Index—a 20,000-participant survey that quizzed urbanites from 18 cities all over the world about what life is like in their city right now—has had a lot of fascinating revelations.

New York City ranked number four for ‘Best Cities for Good Times’, and we still have low scores on cost of living (maybe not for long).

As stated on TimeOut NY, Chicago being named the most fun city in the world (lies we tell you) to Melbourne taking the title for most inspiring, the survey revealed a lot about the urban experience at the moment.

Don’t worry, New York City didn’t just get the runner up spots.

Turns out, New Yorkers are the most likely to call out of work after a night of going out and drinking. Crud.

More than any other US city too! Double crud!


That does explain why you can get a BEC sandwich and coffee on every street corner, if you assume almost everyone here is hungover.

The results could also be related to the fact that NYC came out on top in terms of “Dynamism” in the survey, with almost all New Yorkers saying there’s always something new to do across the five boroughs. 

So basically, FOMO is real AF.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy via Hexjam]