Storm Jonas hype is just about over, isn't it? Well, in some New York City neighborhoods it is not over. In some NYC neighborhoods, the drama is raging with the fury of, well, a snowstorm. 

Lots of Queens residents were furious with Mayor de Blasio because it seemed to have slipped his mind that Queens would need to be plowed, and that emergency vehicles might need to get through.

Other residents are annoyed with the city's Department of Sanitation for deploying plows to push big mountains of snow in front of cross walks, essentially privileging cars' right of way over pedestrians' and causing the slushiest intersections of all time.

How are New Yorkers handling these snowy injustices?

Well, plenty took to Twitter, others posted to Facebook, but some had more creative ideas about how to handle their fury.

The Daily Mail reported that on the corner of Crown and Albany Street in Crown Heights, a sign was posted that read, "This path was made by an unknown young woman with her own shovel and no help from anyone. Thanks for making this crossing possible."

We're pretty into that sign. We think it's a great lesson on Sarcasm 101.

To that girl who dug out that path with her very own shovel: we appreciate you. We love being able to walk on Crown Heights's sidewalks.


Wait, this isn't the only sign that was posted on the street in Brooklyn!

Another street corner's sign read: "This hideous, dangerous, illegal, uncleared corner brought to you by Astoria Bank."

The sign was posted by Joanna Oltman Smith, who said her tactics were a desperate measure.

"Ideally everyone in the community will show basic respect and concern for neighbors by making sure corners and sidewalks are safe to use," Smith said.

Of course, some argue that it's absurd it should fall on property owners to clear the sidewalks when plenty of cities consider clearing the sidewalks a municipal responsibility, but anyway, we digress.

Hilariously, Instagram user jssica posted a note left to her by a neighbor, which read, "Thank you. Can't even see my car now."

jssica An anonymous neighbor blamed the blizzard on me. Guess he's not renewing his Rolling Stone subscription.

Her caption was, "An anonymous neighbor blamed the blizzard on me."

Jeeze, jssica! We can't believe you caused that blizzard!

Anyway, everyone is mad. Mostly, New Yorkers are mad at businesses who didn't bother plowing the sidewalks outside their shops, and at the city, for setting up the laws this way in the first place.

NYC has issued a call for "additional emergency snow laborers," offering $13.50 an hour to those willing to shovel snow and ice from bus stops, cross walks, fire hydrants, and and steps throughout the city.

To New Yorkers near and far: writing passive aggressive notes will not help us dig ourselves out from the snow. No matter how hilarious they are. That said, we all need to do a better job of clearing sidewalks, don't you think?

"This was one of the worst storms to ever hit New York City, and we need all hands on deck to dig us out," de Blasio said. "As Sanitation's uniformed workers continue to focus their herculean efforts on clearing our city's streets, snow laborers will be critical in shoveling out other key locations."

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[via Daily Mail] [Feature Image Courtesy Daily Mail]