We love pictures of our great city. Whether it's Instagram captures of people doing funky stuff on the subway, or breathtaking views of the skyline at sunset, we're suckers for New York City photography. Especially when those photos are pretty old. 

So imagine our delight when the New York Public Library released more than 180,000 items to their public domain search engine yesterday. 

Those 180,000 items include pictures from Ellis Island, manuscripts from famous writers (like Henry David Thoreau), proposed plans for mansions, green books from the segregation era, and much more. 

All of these photos, which can be viewed and reused by the public, can be found on their public domain page. 

You absolutely have to check out the photos, postcards, and manuscripts they have from all over the world.

We've scoured through the amazing collection to bring you some of these amazing images of New York. If you're not satisfied, go check out the rest of the collection yourself. It's pretty amazing. 


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[via The New York Public Library] 

[Feature Image Courtesy The New York Public Library]