Picture this: It's Friday night—FINALLY, the weekend—you put on your freshest digs, grab your besties, head to.... The Library?!

That's right y'all. New York's Hottest Club is the New York Public Library.

On Friday February 24th, The New York Public Library is launching a new monthly series called The Library After Hours.

This place has everything: themes, food, cocktails, special collections tours, and behind-the scenes tours and entertainment.

This month's theme? "Love in Venice." 

Inspired by a new exhibition (opening on February 10th), the night will feature specialty cocktails, Italian snacks, guided tours of the "Love in Venice" exhibition, mask-making, dance lessons, and short Venetian films from the library’s archives.

And like any good theme party, costumes are encouraged! It's Venice y'all, dust off that fancy mask you only wore once for Halloween 2012, and dress to impress. 


The event is free, and goes from 6:30 p.m.  until 9 p.m.


This party is about to be LIT.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy artfcity]