Bad news: it's Monday. It's wet. It's cold. Like, what the hell? 

Good news: Taste of the Terminal is back in Grand Central. It's also the home opener for the Yankees and they've got ridiculous food on tap. 

But better than all of this? 

New York City's minimum wage just went up to $15 per hour.

Yep, you heard that correctly.

According to TimeOut, by the end of 2018, employers in all 5 boroughs will be required to pay workers a minimum of $15 an hour.

Residents in Westchester and Long Island counties will have to wait a bit longer for these wages to kick in, and New Yorkers in counties that are north of Westchester will wait even longer (they’re only expected to reach $12.50 by 2021 - yikes).


Still, this is a solid sign of progress for employees who are paid below a living wage, and President Obama was at least relieved that something he deemed necessary three years ago is kind of sort of being addressed now, giving this statement to the Washington Post

"Since I first called on Congress to increase the federal minimum wage in 2013, 18 states and more than 40 cities and counties have acted on their own -- thanks to the strong leadership of elected officials, businesses, and workers who organized and fought so hard for the economic security families deserve," he said.

"Now Congress needs to act to raise the federal minimum wage and expand access to paid leave for all Americans."

There are certainly legitimate concerns in both New York and California, another state slated to see their minimum wage bump up to $15. 

How will employers react to such? Will they cut down on hours, or employees even? What is the purchasing power of that raise? What will happen to the cost of living thereafter? 

Still, it's a good day for New Yorkers working hourly wages. In fact, it’s a good day for workers all around - New York State has also just approved a policy that guarantees paid leave for new parents and those caring for sick family members.

That’s guaranteed to make this dreary NYC Monday just a tad bit better, right?

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[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy New York Daily News]