Hey, New York City, we have some pretty terrible news.

No, no one is digging up Times Square, or banishing Uber. As far as we know, there hasn't been reemergence of the woefully out-of-business bodegas lately. In fact, this news actually won't change your day-to-day life at all. It's just ... sort of a bummer.

Travel + Leisure published the 15 most unfriendly cities in the United States. The list was compiled earlier this year.

Sadly, NYC topped the list. 

No, we didn't top the list for most likely to compliment, best smiles, or most fabulous hugs. 

In a flash of positive news, we did top Travel + Leisure's lists for art, theater, pizza, and luxe shopping, but... we also tallied in as the number one least friendly city. In all of North America.

"Perhaps readers just can't forgive those brusque cabbies - or the fact that NYC also ranked as the most expensive city in the nation," the list read.


Now, we know this is all a matter of perspective. How do we know? 

Well, Travelzoo conducted a similar survey around the same time, and we ranked in at second friendliest city in the United States on their list.

What are the mitigating factors here? Why do Travelzoo's readers find us cuddly sweethearts while Travel + Leisure's readers see us as hardened, grizzly, and angry?

We're not sure, but what we do know is that Travel + Leisure ranked 15 cities, and we were less friendly than all of them. 

nyonair @nyc_bibog | @flynyon NY 🚁📷💥

We know we're not interested in holding doors, smiling at strangers, or striking up a conversation on the subway. We're guessing the members of Travel + Leisure that were traversing our city didn't understand the laws of the jungle.

No, we don't want to make eye contact, like, ever, but yes, we are there for each other. We've got the best, most dedicated first responders on the planet, and we're a city that bands together and lends a hand when we see people that need it.

We're guessing Travelzoo's readers heard about all the people that rushed to the scene of the 2nd Avenue explosion to help people in March. We're guessing Travelzoo's readers knew where to look to find kindness in NYC, and Travel + Leisure's readers just didn't.

We're sorry, we didn't mean to get dogmatic, we're just a tad bit incensed by this information. We guess we should all start holding more doors open or something. 

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