Officials from the MTA say that the L train tunnel closure that has all Brooklyn hipsters losing their shirts could happen as early as 2018, the New York Daily News reported.

The projected date, which is quite a ways off, allows for officials to meet with the community and to consider the best ways to both address the needs of the community and the tunnel’s much needed repairs.

The Daily News explained two plans that the MTA is considering, neither of which sound painless for commuters.

“One plan would keep trains flowing between Canarsie and the Eighth Ave. and 14th St. stop in Manhattan, requiring a partial closure for at least three years. 

But that would hamstring service by squeezing trains through a single path,” the Daily News explained.

The other plan would extend the project to five years by shutting down service on the train on nights and weekends.

“Construction timelines for the project will be developed as planning and design work commences,” MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz wrote in a statement. 


“No timeline has been established for work to begin on the Canarsie Tube itself,” he said.

It would appear, however, that Brooklyn seems damned either way come 2018.

By: Matt Lee, Metro New York

Matt Lee is a Web producer for Metro New York. He writes about almost everything and anything. Talk to him (or yell at him) on Twitter so he doesn’t feel lonely @mattlee2669.

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[Feature Image Courtesy New York Daily News]